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Art of the Living Dead

232 pages, 2014



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Art of the Living Dead is a book on creativity. It teaches you how to safeguard your brain's live bits. Why do people overlook innovators? Why do historical remnants endure when better options are available? When it comes to creativity, does it come from within? After undergoing a lot of rejection from the publishing industry, the author decided to self-publish Art of the Living Dead. 

The author is concerned about society because of our collective disdain for innovators and artistry. How can people stay inventive in their job? Where does innovation originate from? The answers will alter your perceptions of art, advertising, automobile design, education, celebrity, and success. Is there any chance for a civilization that is speeding through space and indifferent to whether or not our spacecraft is going up or down?


Naval Ravikant

Naval Ravikant

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