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An Unquiet Mind

224 pages, 1997



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In this personal memoir, a manic depressive and an authority on the disease explains how she overcame her illness by treating herself, talking to her doctor, increasing her dosage of medication, and seeking professional help.
Understanding Bipolar Disorder

An Unquiet Mind gives us a deep insight into the world of bipolar disorder. Kay Redfield Jamison, who herself suffers from the condition, shares her personal experiences, helping us understand the complexities of this mental illness. It's a great resource if you're looking to research more about bipolar disorder.

The Impact of Mental Illness on Personal Life

The book explores how mental illness can affect one's personal life. Jamison shares her struggles with maintaining relationships, her career, and even her self-esteem. It's a raw and honest look into the life of someone living with a mental disorder.

The Importance of Professional Help

Jamison emphasizes the importance of seeking professional help when dealing with mental illness. She shares her journey of denial, acceptance, and finally seeking help. It's a reminder that it's okay to ask for help and that professional treatment can significantly improve one's quality of life.

The Stigma Around Mental Health

An Unquiet Mind also addresses the stigma around mental health. The author's experiences highlight the need for society to be more understanding and accepting of mental health issues. It's a call to action for everyone to be more empathetic and supportive.

The Power of Resilience

Despite her struggles, Jamison's story is one of resilience. She shows us that it's possible to live a fulfilling life while managing a mental illness. If you're looking for a story of hope and resilience, you should definitely check out An Unquiet Mind.

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An Unquiet Mind is a brave and profoundly human exploration of the complexities of bipolar disorder. It's a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the condition.

Stephen FryStephen Fry - British Comedian, Writer

Kay Redfield Jamison's An Unquiet Mind is a masterful and deeply personal account of her own struggle with bipolar disorder. It's a book that has the power to change lives.

Oliver SacksOliver Sacks - Neurologist, Author

An Unquiet Mind is a profound and illuminating book. It's a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of resilience.

Andrew SolomonAndrew Solomon - Writer, Lecturer

An Unquiet Mind is a riveting and revealing look into the mind of someone living with bipolar disorder. It's a book that everyone should read.

Paula KamenPaula Kamen - Feminist Author

An Unquiet Mind is a powerful and moving account of living with bipolar disorder. It's a book that offers hope and understanding to those who are struggling.

Elyn SaksElyn Saks - Law Professor, Author
Stephen FryOliver SacksAndrew SolomonPaula KamenElyn Saks


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