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Amp It Up

208 pages, 2022

business & management

business & management

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Frank Slootman is one of the most experienced leaders in enterprise growth in the IT industry. He guided Snowflake to the greatest software IPO ever after previously guiding ServiceNow and Data Domain. For the first time, he offers his leadership strategy in Amp It Up: Leading for Hypergrowth by Raising Expectations, Increasing Urgency, and Elevating Intensity. 

 It provides an authoritative look at what it takes to convert a business for maximum growth and size. Slootman demonstrates that most executives have substantial space to enhance their organization's performance without making costly changes to its people, structure, or core business model—and they don't need an army of consultants to do so. 

 What they do require is for people to be aligned around what matters and to execute with urgency and intensity every day.


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Terrance McArthur

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Jason Calacanis

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