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13 Secrets for Speaking Fluent Japanese

192 pages, 2012



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Have you always wanted to learn Japanese but didn’t know how? Japanese seem so complicated. Giles Murray, the author of this bestseller, is here to help you. 

 He’s studied Japanese himself and listened to what successful non-native learners have to say. Giles presents tested shortcuts for language acquisition. Identifying two groups of people who actively and effectively study Japanese to the point of fluency --successful non-native learners and Japanese children --Giles has collected from both groups the most rewarding and universal techniques which can be put to immediate use by both beginner and advanced students of Japanese.

  This book is designed for people who have tried orthodox textbooks and failed, people who know a little Japanese but don't have the necessary time or motivation to make the transition to more serious textbooks, and people seeking to increase fluency using the ability already acquired. 

 It introduces new strategies for thinking, speaking, and memorizing Japanese quickly, efficiently, and independently.

Understanding the Japanese Language Structure

Giles Murray emphasizes the importance of understanding the structure of the Japanese language. He suggests that by exploring the unique sentence patterns and grammar rules, you can significantly improve your fluency.

Importance of Vocabulary

The book highlights the importance of building a strong vocabulary. Murray suggests that you should regularly research new words and phrases, and practice using them in sentences to enhance your language skills.

Cultural Context Matters

One of the key points in 13 Secrets for Speaking Fluent Japanese is the importance of cultural context. The author explains that understanding Japanese culture and social norms can help you use the language more effectively and naturally.

Practice Makes Perfect

Giles Murray stresses the importance of regular practice. He suggests that you should constantly engage in conversations, read Japanese texts, and listen to Japanese audio to improve your fluency.

Use of Language Learning Tools

In the book, Murray encourages the use of various language learning tools. He suggests that you should check out language apps, flashcards, and online resources to supplement your learning and make the process more enjoyable.


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