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Robert L. Glass is presently retired, having previously been president of Computing Trends, publishers of The Software Practitioner. Before retiring, Glass had been active in the field of computing and software for over 45 years, largely in industry (1954-82 and 1988-retirement) but also as an academic (1982-88).

In industry (North American Aviation, Aerojet-General Corp., and Boeing), he performed both development and acquisition projects, built and maintained software for most application domains, and engaged in research and development. In academia, he taught for five years in the software engineering graduate program at Seattle University and spent a year as a visiting staff member at the Software Engineering Institute.

He is the author of 28 books and more than 100 published papers on computing and software. He was editor of the Journal of Systems and Software and publisher and editor of The Software Practitioner. He was for 15 years a lecturer for the Association for Computing Machinery and was a columnist for such publications as Computerworld, Datamation, Software Magazine, Software News, Managing System Development, ACM SIGMIS Data Base, IEEE Software, and Communications of the ACM. He received an honorary Ph.D. from Linkoping University, Sweden, in 1995 and was named an ACM Fellow in 1999.

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