Chiara Marletto


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Chiara Marletto is a Research Fellow working at the Physics Department, University of Oxford. Within Wolfson, she is an active Quantum Cluster and the New Frontiers Quantum Hub member. Her research is in theoretical physics, with special emphasis on the Quantum Theory of Computation, Information Theory, Thermodynamics, Condensed-Matter Physics, and Quantum Biology. 

Some of her recent research has harnessed a recently proposed generalization of the quantum theory of information - Constructor Theory — to address issues at the foundations of the theory of control and causation in physics. These include applications to defining general principles encompassing classical, quantum, and post-quantum theories of information; and to assess the compatibility of essential features of living systems, such as the ability to self-reproduce and evolve, with fundamental laws of Physics, in particular with Quantum Physics. 

They also include the definition of a new class of witnesses of non-classicality in systems that need not obey quantum theory, such as gravity, and a scale-independent definition of irreversibility, work, and heat based on constructor-theoretic ideas.

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