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Brenda Tharp is an acclaimed fine art photographer, specializing in landscapes, abstracts and extraordinary views of everyday things. Brenda’s photographs have been published in numerous magazines including Audubon, Nature Conservancy, Traveler, and in books for National Geographic, Chronicle, Michelin and Sierra Club.

Her photographs are held in private collections across the United States, and have been in several gallery shows in the western states. Brenda’s works are on display in corporations, businesses, high-end apartment buildings, and on the walls of many homes. She maintains an online archive of photographs aimed for the interior décor and fine art market.

Brenda operates a photo workshop/tour company with her partner, Jed, conducting workshops and tours internationally that focus primarily on landscape and nature. She is a passionate speaker, and author and loves sharing the beauty she sees in this world through her photographs.

Brenda is the author of three books on creative photography, her most recent being Expressive Nature Photography.

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