Vlad Magdalin


Vlad Magdalin is the co-founder and CEO of Webflow, a website design, and development platform. He has been in this role since the company was founded in 2013. Before Webflow, Magdalin worked as a designer and developer and co-founded a design agency. He is also a speaker and has been interviewed on various podcasts and blogs related to web design and development.

Webflow is a website design and development platform that allows users to create responsive websites without writing code. Vlad Magdalin, Sergie Magdalin, and Bryant Chou 2013 co-founded it. The platform includes a visual editor allowing users to design and develop websites using a drag-and-drop interface and a CMS (Content Management System), allowing users to manage and update their website content easily. The company is known for its platform's advanced design and development capabilities and is used by many individuals, businesses, and organizations. Webflow has raised over $72 million in funding and has been growing fast and expanding its services.