Sjana Elise Earp

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Sjana Earp is an Australian fitness model, author, activist, travel blogger, and yoga instructor. She is an internationally renowned yoga instructor and now published author who has a following of over 1.5 million people on Instagram.

Sjana recently launched her first Poetry and Photography book, 'You Will Rise,' filled with over 150 heartfelt poems and beautiful imagery of her travels and natural wonders worldwide. She grew up on the east coast of Australia, where she spent much of her younger years channeling her energy and curiosity into physical activities and her creative passions.

Having suffered from bullying, anxiety, and depression, Sjana left school at age 16 when she gained early acceptance into university and began a degree in photojournalism. Gradually she started to embrace her favorite creative and physical pursuits again, sharing these and her recovery journey on her Instagram page, @sjanaelise, where she now has 1.6 million followers worldwide.

Through yoga, travel, photography, and writing, Sjana has rediscovered love and compassion for herself and everything around her. She is a staunch advocate for self-acceptance, body confidence, mental health, equality, and the environment. Now, Sjana finds bliss by sharing her passion for life with the world and encourages everyone to see and shine their inner light, too.