Rainn Wilson


Rainn Wilson is an American actor, comedian, and writer best known for his role as Dwight Schrute in the American version of the sitcom The Office. He has also starred in a variety of other films and television shows, including Galaxy Quest, The Rocker, Juno, Six Feet Under, Super, and The Meg.

Rainn Wilson was born in Seattle, Washington, on January 20th, 1966. He attended Kellogg Middle School and Shorecrest High School before attending the University of Washington, where he received his B.A. in drama. After college, he moved to New York City and began studying at The Actor's Center. It was during this time that he began to develop his comedic skills.

In 2000, Rainn Wilson began appearing in small roles in films such as Almost Famous and Almost Heroes. His first major role was in Galaxy Quest in 1999. He then went on to appear in a number of other films, including Almost Famous, The Rocker, Juno, and Super. He also made guest appearances on various television shows such as Six Feet Under, Curb Your Enthusiasm and The King of Queens.

In 2005, Rainn Wilson won a supporting actor Screen Actors Guild Award for his role as Dwight Schrute in The Office. This role would become his most iconic and would lead to his roles in other films and television shows such as The Meg and The Boy.

Rainn Wilson is also an accomplished writer and producer, having worked on several of his own projects, such as the web series The Skinny. He is also the author of the book SoulPancake which was released in 2009.

Rainn Wilson is an avid philanthropist, supporting various charities such as To Write Love On Her Arms and the Mona Foundation. In 2011, he founded the website Lideatonline.org which provides people with resources to help them live more meaningful lives.

Rainn Wilson is an incredibly talented actor and comedian who has made a name for himself through his dedication to his craft. His work has been celebrated around the world, and his impact on the entertainment industry is undeniable.