Nick Thompson


Nicholas Thompson is an American journalist and magazine editor. He is currently Wired's editor-in-chief, a magazine covering technology, science, culture, and business. He previously served as a senior editor at The New Yorker and as a staff writer for The New York Times, where he covered technology, politics, and culture. He has also been a contributing editor at The Atlantic.

Throughout his career, Thompson has reported on a wide range of topics, including technology, science, business, and culture, focusing on the intersection of technology and society. He is considered a leading voice on technology, innovation, and their impact on society, and he has interviewed many of the most influential figures in technology, science, and business.

In addition to his work as an editor and journalist, Thompson is also a frequent speaker on technology and innovation; he often gives speeches and talks on these topics and is considered an expert on the future of technology; he has also been a guest commentator on various news networks, radio, and podcasts.

Overall, Nicholas Thompson is a well-respected journalist, editor, and commentator with a long-standing reputation for his coverage of technology and its impact on society. He is considered a thought leader in technology, science, and business and has interviewed many of the most influential figures in these fields.