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Maria Popova is a writer, entrepreneur, and cultural critic known for her work as the founder and editor of the popular website Brain Pickings. Brain Pickings is an eclectic website that features interesting and thought-provoking articles, essays, and books on a wide range of topics, including literature, philosophy, science, and art. Popova began Brain Pickings as a personal project in 2006, and it quickly gained a large following. Today, the site receives millions of visitors each month and has been praised for its unique perspective and curatorial approach.

Popova has also written for a number of publications, including The New York Times, The Atlantic, and Wired. In addition, she has been a speaker at various conferences and events, discussing topics such as creativity, productivity, and the intersection of technology and culture. Popova has also been honored with several awards for her work, including the Webby Award for Best Cultural Blog and the National Endowment for the Arts NEA Arts Journalism Institute in Creative Writing.

In addition to her work on Brain Pickings, Popova is also the author of "Figuring" which is a book that explores the lives and works of some of the most fascinating and accomplished figures of the last four centuries, from Jane Austen and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to Marie Curie and Martin Luther King Jr.

Popova continues to write, curate, and publish her works on her website and in various publications, making her an influencer in literature and culture.

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