Dr. Martin Polanco


Dr. Martin Polanco is an MD and founder of NeuroSoup, a company that provides education and resources on the use of psychedelics in therapy and wellness. In addition, he is a board-certified addictionologist and psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience working with patients with addiction and mental health disorders. He has also been involved in research on the use of psychedelics in treating these conditions.

Dr. Polanco is also the founder of the Crossroads Treatment Center in Mexico, which specializes in using ibogaine, a psychoactive substance, to treat addiction. The center uses ibogaine, a psychoactive substance, to treat addiction. Ibogaine is a compound found in the iboga plant, which is native to West Africa. The center also offers aftercare services and support to help patients maintain their recovery after treatment.

He is also a lecturer and speaker on the topic of psychedelic therapy. Dr. Polanco shares his knowledge and expertise on using psychedelics in medicine, including their service's potential benefits and risks. He also provides education on the latest research and developments in the field of psychedelic therapy. In addition, he has spoken at various conferences, workshops, and other events in the US and internationally to share his knowledge and experience with a broader audience.