David Perell


David Perell is a writer, teacher, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Write of Passage, an online writing school that teaches people how to write and communicate effectively. He is also the host of the popular podcast "The North Star," where he interviews successful individuals in various fields and delves into their stories, strategies, and philosophies.

Perell has a background in both business and writing. He started his career as a consultant at McKinsey & Company but later transitioned to writing full-time. He has written for publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Huffington Post and has also authored several books, including "The End of Jobs: Money, Meaning and Freedom Without the 9-to-5."

Perell is known for focusing on the intersection of technology and writing and how the internet has changed how we communicate and consume information. He has written extensively about the rise of the "creator economy" and how the internet has enabled more people to build businesses and careers around their passions and talents. He is also a strong advocate for the power of writing as a tool for personal and professional development.

In addition to his work with Write of Passage and "The North Star," Perell also runs a popular blog and newsletter, where he shares his thoughts and insights on various topics, including writing, technology, and the future of work. He is also a sought-after speaker and has given talks at conferences and events worldwide.

Overall, David Perell is a highly respected and influential figure in the worlds of writing and technology, known for his expertise and insights on the intersection of these two fields, as well as his commitment to helping others develop their writing skills and build successful careers and businesses.