Daniel Petre

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Daniel Petre is an Australian technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and philanthropist. He is the founder and partner at AirTree Ventures, an Australian technology venture capital fund. Petre is known for his long and successful career in the technology industry, including his tenure as the Managing Director of Microsoft Australia.

Petre was born in Romania and moved to Australia with his family when he was five years old. He studied at the University of Melbourne, where he earned a degree in engineering and computer science. After completing his university studies, Petre began his career as a software engineer at IBM in Australia. He then moved to the United States to join Microsoft, where he served as Bill Gates’ personal lieutenant for four years.

During his time at Microsoft, Petre was responsible for launching Microsoft products such as Windows 95, Office 95, Internet Explorer, and Outlook. He also worked on the development of Microsoft’s strategy for the Asia Pacific region and was instrumental in the successful launch of Microsoft’s first Australian subsidiary.

In 1997, Petre returned to Australia to become the Managing Director of Microsoft Australia. During his tenure at Microsoft Australia, the company grew from a small start-up to a multi-million dollar business with more than 900 employees. Petre was also responsible for the launch of several of Microsoft’s major products in Australia, including Windows 2000, Office 2000, and Xbox.

In 2005, Petre left Microsoft to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams and founded Netus, an online retail venture. He also served as a director on the board of several Australian companies, including SEEK, REA Group, and Hoyts.

In 2010, Petre founded AirTree Ventures, an Australian technology venture capital fund. The firm has invested in more than 80 companies across the world, including Canva, Culture Amp, and Prospa. Petre has become a highly respected figure in the venture capital industry and is regularly sought after for advice by start-ups.

In addition to his professional career, Petre is a passionate philanthropist. He and his wife, Susan, established the Petre Foundation, which has donated millions of dollars to support educational and health initiatives in Australia. The Foundation also supports research into childhood cancer and funds scholarships for disadvantaged students in Australia.

Overall, Daniel Petre is a highly respected figure in the technology industry. With his impressive career at Microsoft, his successful entrepreneurial ventures, and his commitment to philanthropy, Petre is an inspiring figure who has made a mark on the Australian technology landscape.