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Jim Ziolkowski left a fast-track job in corporate finance twenty-one years ago to devote his life to building On, an organization that transforms inner-city teenagers into community leaders both at home and abroad. 

He set out to demonstrate how, through the power of service to others, each of us can transform the world, not just himself. From Detroit and the South Bronx to Haiti, Mali, and Nepal, build On students have donated over 1. 2 million hours of service while constructing over 550 schools across the world. 

They are reshaping their communities and breaking the cycle of poverty and low aspirations in their own lives.

Empathy is Powerful

In Walk in Their Shoes, James S. Hirsch explores the power of empathy. He shows us that understanding and sharing the feelings of others can lead to profound personal and societal changes. It's a call to action to be more compassionate and understanding.

The Impact of Personal Stories

Hirsch emphasizes the importance of personal stories. He believes that sharing our experiences can help others understand our perspectives and challenges. So, don't be afraid to share your story, it might just change someone's life.

The Role of Nonprofits

The book gives us a deep look into the world of nonprofits. Hirsch shows how these organizations can make a significant impact on society. If you're thinking about starting a nonprofit or want to make a difference, this book is a must-read.

Overcoming Adversity

Walk in Their Shoes is a testament to the human spirit's ability to overcome adversity. Hirsch shares inspiring stories of individuals who faced unimaginable challenges but never gave up. It's a reminder that we are stronger than we think.

The Power of Education

Education is a recurring theme in the book. Hirsch highlights how education can be a powerful tool to break the cycle of poverty and inequality. If you're passionate about education, you'll find plenty of inspiration in this book.


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