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The Perfect Meal

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The Perfect Meal is an excellent resource for those in the restaurant industry who want to get a better understanding of how all the variables that affect diners' total experience during a meal. Excellent for front-of-house and kitchen staff alike, this book identifies how different senses are affected by each element of your food, as well as by your service and ambiance. ‍

The Science Behind Food

In The Perfect Meal, Charles Spence explores the science behind our eating habits. He digs into how our senses, environment, and even the shape and color of our cutlery can affect our perception of taste. It's a fascinating look into the psychology of eating.

The Art of Plating

Ever wondered why food at fancy restaurants is arranged in such a specific way? Spence explains that it's not just for aesthetics. The way food is presented can actually enhance or diminish its taste. So, next time you're cooking, try experimenting with your food presentation.

The Influence of Atmosphere

The book also delves into how the atmosphere of a dining place can impact our dining experience. From the lighting to the music, everything plays a part in how we perceive the taste of our food. So, if you're planning a dinner party, don't forget to set the mood!

The Power of Expectation

Spence's research shows that our expectations can greatly influence our food experience. If we expect a meal to be delicious, it often will be. This is a great reminder to approach every meal with a positive mindset.

The Multisensory Experience

Eating is not just about taste. It's a multisensory experience involving sight, smell, touch, and even sound. In The Perfect Meal, you'll find out how all these elements come together to create a memorable dining experience. So, next time you eat, take a moment to appreciate all the different sensations.


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